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About Us

Turnkey Cleaning Services GOM is an industrial cleaning service company specializing in offshore and dockside cleaning of drilling rigs, production facilities, liquid mud barges, jackup rigs, offshore supply vessels, industrial equipment and more.

Closed-Loop Cleaning

We offer a closed-loop cleaning process that produces less wastewater, reduces environmental exposure, minimizes safety risks and decreases transportation of waste – all while saving our customers’ time and money.

Safety & Environmental

Our patent pending processes put a premium on safety and environmental responsibility. Our systems use less wastewater, provide automated options to reduce safety risks and decrease the amount of transportation required for the overall cleaning process.

Over 1,000 linear ft. of dockside space in Port Fourchon, saving you time and money.

We have invested in substantial dockside space so that we can easily clean equipment right on the Gulf Coast. This enables our customers to increase uptime and provides the most economical solution for cleaning and maintenance. We also travel to your offshore location when needed.

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